Verse and worse

I’m trying to put together a separate website hIGH wATER
called ‘High Water’, which is the title of a little booklet I’m planning to produce consisting of 22 poems the picture here is the basis for the cover and the title).

Some of them are OK, some are doggerel; that is to say, bits of rhyme which make some sense but are hardly great art. Still, this is an innovation for me and some of these poems are on topical issues (the Great Pandemic, for instance) which means they won’t be in the booklet because they will be out of date before anything ever gets printed.

Still, if you have read this far, have a look at the High Water website (which, please bear in mind) is still a work in progress. It’s not as if we have all the time in the world to get the thing right. Oh? Actually we do have all the time in the world. Ah well, it requires expertise which some of us may not possess in abundance. Anyway, here it is…