New short story out imminently


‘The only difference between now and 1649 is that, thank God, we are not wielding swords.’

The year 1649 was when Parliament executed King Charles I. Whatever the rights and wrongs of that, the English civil wars divided the country into two bitter factions.

I’ve written a new short story which will be available for free on Amazon imminently. It’s called ‘The Impeachment of Horace Thompson’ and it’s about, you guessed it, Brexit.

Appalled by the way our politicians have handled Brexit, Walsall plumber Dave Britten is literally dumbstruck. He is so angry he can no longer speak.

The last straw was the arrest and impeachment of the Prime Minister, Horace Thompson, on a charge of treason.

As the liberal remainer establishment goes to any length to thwart the will of the people, establishing a Government of National Unity under new Prime Minister Joe Berk, Dace Britten is completely lost for words.

This book may well be overtaken by events, but as a commentary on the current political chaos, I think it still has some validity. It’s not too long and is meant to be an entertaining read. Coming soon…

Oh and it’s worth pointing out that this will be one of those extremely rare works of fiction written from the point of view of someone who actually wants the United Kingdom to leave the European Union.